Anaconda Token (ANA)

What Is Anaconda Token?

Anaconda is a brand-new meme-gaming token that will encircle its

community in its wake. The Anaconda, the rightful ruler of all snakes,

will ascend to the throne by devouring the other meme tokens one by

one. 3% of all transactions will be distributed to the holders in BUSD.

Behold! It is time to salute your king!

Contract Address

Goal of the Anaconda Token

The Anaconda Token project will begin as a meme, but over time, it will evolve into a fantastic sneaky game with its own NFT market. We currently have a slew of ideas and tasks, as well as big expectations, and we’re working on something that will catapult meme communities to new heights. Join our massive snake army today and become a part of our growing family to get your share from every transaction.


Following each transaction, 3% BUSD will be distributed to holders.

Every transaction will contribute 3% to our liquidity pool.


We’ll spend 3% of each transaction on marketing and buyback.


Anaconda Token (ANA) Contract Address

Total Supply



9% of every purchase and sale is taxed


1st Phase

  • Getting listed on DEX and CEX
  • Establishing Anaconda ecosystem
  • Launching Anaconda Swap

2nd Phase

  • Getting listed on Tier 1 Crypto Exchange
  • Launching NFT Project for Anaconda P2E
  • Starting R&D for the game

3rd Phase

  • Launching Anaconda game
  • Get Ready for Multi-chain
  • R&D for the mainnet

4th Phase

  • Launching Mainnet
  • Developing the Anaconda Game
  • Pre-Sale of Node Licenses
  • Completing the Sale of Node Licenses
  • Start of Anaconda’s own Nodes

Hey, you! Let the music start!



Every snake works for us. – Anaconda


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